Founded by pioneers of digital evolution in Malaysia, Aurosia assists with your team’s success by delivering digital transformation, develop innovative ideas, and customer experience management using our design thinking and technology driven approaches. We are a one-stop business solution provider specializing in:

Digital business transformation

Digital system & technology

Digital integrated operation

Over the years, we have seen the increasing importance of digital transformation and committed to help businesses evolving into a digital-first mindset. We take an approach to help promote digital transformation in the community. We help build the future and unlock digital possibilities.

Experience & Driven

At Aurosia, our consultants have the capabilities to truly change the game— we turn concept into reality. We bring innovativeness, creativity, talent and vision to every project, perceive it as a pioneering commercial opportunity. We bring together five key capabilities to achieve your business goals, including strategy and design, research & content, marketing and communication as well as technology. 

As for those who have not embarked on the journey with us, let’s have a chat and find out what a difference we can make to your business.


To be recognised as a key service provider of business strategic consulting for the digital development and growth strategies execution.


To professionally assist client to better understand their stakeholders, management mechanism and core business. We are not merely providing a name, but the best service quality to our customers. With our comprehensive business solutions, we deliver outstanding customer service and technical support to meet our customers’ desires.

Why Choose Aurosia?

We help clients set strategies in driving digital transformation and develop the capability for clients succeed in the rapidly changing global economy.

Our Values

The following values are those we hold dearly in order to remain COMPETITIVE. They guide how we behave and how we make decisions.

  • Integrity

    We act with integrity in every decision we make. We keep our word, deliver on our promises and acknowledge our mistakes. We believe that our reputation is more important in order to create long-term relationships with our clients.

  • Innovative

    We encourage our employees to develop new ideas. The company embraces laughter, humor, and having fun while working so that employee can use their imaginations to drive innovation and creativity.

  • Reliable

    We are professional at all times, and in everything we do. We want to grow with our customers and to create win-win solutions for both parties.

  • Adaptation

    We will always question, redefine existing solutions and approaches to create new, breakthrough customer experiences.

  • Think Ahead

    We discover the opportunities emerging from the latest tech and keeping up with what is trending, technology wise, in your industry. Developing the latest strategy for our clients, from implementation and to providing strong support every step of the way is our unique specialty.

  • Social Responsible

    We conduct our business to the highest standards of business and personal integrity.

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